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Welcome to Sankalp Cottage Industry

Our Products

We, Sankalp are in the business of manufacturing and promoting of environment friendly products. Areca leaf plate is one which is100% bio degradable and easily disposable.

Sankalp Cottage Industry is one of the exporters of areca leaf plates, located in Shencottah, in Tamilnadu. We manufacture areca leaf plates of various sizes, ranging from - 12", 10" round Plates, 10", 7" square plates, 6", 4" round cups. Any other size and shapes can be made for regular, bulk orders. We also manufacture wooden furniture like dining table sets, cots, sofa sets, centre tables, etc, in teak, rosewood, mahogany, rubber and other wood depending on customers’ needs. Doors & windows and any other customer specific, building related wooden products can be made and delivered to customers based on their orders.

Shortly we are commencing the manufacturing of banana fibre, which is used to make fabric, paper and paper boards.

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Why Sankalp Cottage Industry?

  • Well equipped with hygienic storage facilities for storing and shipping of Products.
  • Proper Ventilation & Cleanliness maintained with care.
  • Insect free surroundings with periodical Pest Control activity.
  • A safe & hygienic work environment with proper food handling practices.
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E. Subhalakshmy   B.Com, M.B.A

+91 - 98404 34002



No. 9, Tenkasi Road,
shencottah - 627809.
Tamilnadu , India

  • Timely Delivery
  • Transparency
  • Fashion Innovation
  • Shorter Lead Time
  • Flexibility
  • Customer Satisfaction

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